Drum roasting

Drum roasting, verb: Method of roasting high-quality coffee. It is the opposite of the industrial hot air roasting process (2-5 minutes at high temperatures.) Drum roasters have a horizontal rotating drum in which the green coffee is filled. Thanks to blades mounted on the wall of the drum and the rotation, the coffee is mixed evenly, always in motion and roasted gently for 11 to 14 minutes. The flavor and body of the coffee can develop well under these conditions – how, exactly, depends on the roast master. With his experience and through constant sampling, he knows exactly when “his” coffee is perfect. Then the roasting is stopped, the coffee is cooled (so that it’s not roasted further) – with cold air on cooling sieves. In large roasting facilities, water is used to stop the roasting process, which is not particularly beneficial for the flavors. (see also: roasting loss)