Stop! We run. We drink coffee while we dash around. We’re always checking e-mails, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest. We get antsy if a website doesn’t load quickly enough, if updates take more than 20 seconds. If products aren’t available IMMEDIATELY. But why? Because we still believe that time is money? Because we allow ourselves to be driven and pushed by technology?

We want to use this website to invite you into a new world. Where coffee is hand-picked and sorted in small gardens. Where it is left to dry in the sun in peace. Where the greatest pleasure is taken in wasting time during roasting (or at least that's how other coffee connoisseurs see it). And where you can indulge in the leisure of thinking back to good times that weren’t all that long ago. Here, you won’t just find extraordinary stories about our beginnings in Papua New Guinea. Or tips on how to prepare your favorite latte. Or even ten-minute recipes to accompany it. Here, you will find inspiration. People, thoughts, initiatives and discoveries that are at least as stimulating and opulent as our coffee. Do you have time? No? Then just take some. After all, it belongs to you.


“Ideas need time.”

Why being slow is faster and what it has to do with Kilimanjaro. A chat over coffee with Ulli Trültzsch, photo editor for Womens Health and Soul Sister.


Frohes Kaffeeklatschen!

Einer unserer erklärten Lieblinge zum Kaffee ist Käsekuchen. Und weil wir euch den nun mal nicht frisch liefern können, haben wir uns auf die Suche gemacht und in "langen Testreihen" den "Schnellen Käsekuchen" vom Bauckhof zu unserem Backmischungs-Favoriten gekürt.

Weil: er 100% Bio, glutenfrei, laktosefrei, vegan ist. In Deutschland hergestellt wird, nur aus Hafervollkornflocken, Rohrohrzucker, Maisstärke und Zimt besteht.

Und: Er ist geradezu furchtbar lecker. Womit er wunderbar zu unserem nicht minder leckeren Arabica passt.

Also haben wir euch ein Froher-Kaffeeklatsch-Bundle gepackt:
2x 500g Arabica, gemahlen
1x Schneller Käsekuchen vom Bauckhof.
zum Verwöhnpreis von 11,99€*

Frohes Kaffeeklatschen!

*Nur solange der Vorrat reicht.

Ab 07.2021
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