What effects do crises have? More egoism? Solidarity? Razorblades on your elbows? Probably all of the above. But we are certain, that in times like these, togetherness is crucial to address the challenges. And that is why we want to inspire you: With stories of people, who are successful because they are working with appreciation and respect for people and nature.

With ideas and products, that use resources mindfully. With background information on Fairtrade and work at eye level. And by being optimistic that if we stick together, we will “make it work somehow”. Certainly.


Most delicious espresso-power.

The fact that espresso is our favorite alarm clock is probably not a surprise to anyone. But you can also use espresso to make super tasty power snacks. And they are waaaay better than any other cereal bar: The espresso energy balls. A must try.


Let’s talk about money.

Strategic consumption, organic coffee, separating waste, using public transportation, eating less meat, taking cold showers – each and every one of us can do something about the climate crisis and make the world a little better. But is that all? Don’t we have a bigger lever with which we can achieve even more? We do: Money. Money makes the world go round, they say. And it’s true. Unfortunately.

So why don’t we use our money, our small or large bank account, to make an impact? Because the financial world is so terribly complicated? The risks are great, the greenwashing, too? And: “What difference can I really make with a few dollars?” All true. And then again, not. We’re starting a little series here that will give you an – at least rough – insight into the world of green, sustainable money while you’re having your morning coffee.


Ready to taste some “knabbeln”?

Knabbeln… what? Knabbeln are an old Westphalian breakfast treat that we’ve rediscovered for you: Dry bread in coffee. Not only extremely delicious, but also – of course – super sustainable. Click here for the recipe.


What is sustainability? And does it work at all?

Hackneyed, misunderstood, vague, and yet one of the most important terms, one of the most important topics of our time: Sustainability. For some, an impossibility. For others, almost a substitute for religion. Let’s try to bring a little more clarity to the topic.


An evergreen since 1967.

It was THE song that made Aretha Franklin so famous. THE song of the civil and women’s rights movement in the USA. And it completely turned Otis Redding’s original lyrics and content upside down: All this woman wants is a little respect. Why this topic is still so important? Grab a coffee and read.


Refining coffee with syrup, salt, spices…

The top 5 coffee additives, toppings, and other flavor additions. Actually, it’s weird that something as concise as coffee is “refined” in all sorts of taste-changing directions. Some sprinkle salt into it, dump caramel syrup or lemon into the cup, pimp it with alcohol – not necessarily something for baristas and purists. But who says that that’s not delicious? The result doesn’t have quite as much to do with “coffee” anymore, but hey…. So here are our top 5 coffee additives.


Crispy crickets? Or: Is insect food really an option?

“The market for edible insect-based food products is projected to grow rapidly in the next few years and forecasted to produce about 260,000 tonnes by 2030.”* Which will then probably be eaten. Can you imagine? Crickets, mealworms, grasshoppers as alternative protein sources (so-called APQs) to meat and soy? According to a survey by the opinion research institute YouGov last year, 13 percent of people over the age of 18 were open to eating insects, almost as many as those who are open to eating lab-grown meat (14 percent).** In this article, we tell you why this could actually work.

Mount Hagen & Lecker: Orangen-Kaffee-Vinaigrette.

The courage to eat salad.

Salad with coffee? That is not only possible – it is super delicious. So, have the courage to try something new and try this salad with orange-coffee-dressing. You will be surprised.


Oprah? Redford? Greta? Sting? Granny?

We were wondering: Who from all people in the world would we want to meet for a coffee? Talk to? Listen to? To get some new ideas from, be inspired by, be motivated by? How about you? Here are some answers.

Green Lifestyle

The courage to become independent. Part 2: Self-sufficiency

How does dropping out work? Is It actually possible to live self-sufficient – in the city? For part 2 of our series “The courage to become independent” we gathered some ideas on how self-sufficient living can work. And that does not only concern food and water. Even when it comes to energy supply you can become at least partly independent. But we saved the latter for part 3 of our series.

Wie lagert man Kaffee richtig?
Green Lifestyle

No more rotting.

Let’s be honest – Who has not had rotten peppers or carrots in theor fridge before? Rotten lettuce? That went directly into the trash? With a guilty conscience, but even the few good leaves that were left would have tasted terrible. But you can change that. Here are some tricks for the proper storage of different types of food in and outside the fridge.