February 15, 2024

That little bit of green.

Housing construction, urban consolidation, real estate investments - parks, small and large green spaces hardly stand a chance against this. After all, they have no specific use, no “value” that can be quantified like a property. Or do they? Read more about the value of parks & co. here.
February 15, 2024

Places that are worth NOT visiting.

A NO-list? Weird, but unfortunately necessary: A number of beautiful places that more than deserve to be spared from tourism. So that they can relax a little. So here are the top 7 places that are worth not visiting. For your annual travel planning.
February 1, 2024

New Year’s resolutions? Have fun with them!

How long do you think you'll last? Why are almost 30% of all resolutions worth nothing and barely last longer than 2 weeks*? Is it because of the goals themselves? Is it the motivation? Is it self-discipline? We have the answers here.