September 27, 2023

About shade trees, verbena, and mulch.

By the time we hit the 90 degrees mark this summer, hobby gardeners and balcony flower lovers started asking themselves: Am I still allowed to water? And which plants can really cope best with this heat and dryness? After all, it's really no fun to drink your morning coffee between limp hydrangeas and withered herbs. To make sure that doesn't happen, we've put together some tips and suggestions on plants, how to “educate” them to be more resilient, and on proper watering. And you will learn what all this has to do with our coffee. Reading time: 2 cups of coffee.
September 7, 2023

A bill against greenwashing.

"For a conscious future", "Green Cruising", "Dolphin-friendly tuna fishing "*... The list of greenwashing slogans is long and very creative. In order to bring more transparency and verifiability into advertising, the EU commission proposed a new law at the beginning of this year. We have the facts for you.