August 23, 2023

Refining coffee with syrup, salt, spices…

The top 5 coffee additives, toppings, and other flavor additions. Actually, it's weird that something as concise as coffee is "refined" in all sorts of taste-changing directions. Some sprinkle salt into it, dump caramel syrup or lemon into the cup, pimp it with alcohol - not necessarily something for baristas and purists. But who says that that's not delicious? The result doesn't have quite as much to do with "coffee" anymore, but hey.... So here are our top 5 coffee additives.
May 10, 2023

Why you might actually need an Aeropress.

There are more than enough coffee gadgets out there. In most cases they look quite fancy, but when it comes to the Aeropress one might ask: What does this plastic plunger thing actually do? Well, there is even a world championship for it. And some baristas swear by the Aeropress coffee. Why they do that – and why this one-cup-plastic-plunger is also ideal for backpackers, we tell you in this article.