Why is everything getting more expensive? Electricity, water, food? And now even coffee?

Picture of Karsten Suhr

Karsten Suhr

foto: jon tyson on unsplash

There are a number
of reasons for it:

The impact of COVID-19 all over the world. The consequences of global warming, which causes lower rainfall, higher temperatures, bad harvests, political unrest, strikes, containerships which get stuck in the Suez Canal. To be honest: The topic is highly complex and making a geopolitical paper out of this article would be out place.

But one thing is certain: “Economy” is a complex topic – everything is connected to everything else. Even coffee is, and so are we. Our highest maxim, that we work and make decisions on, is fairness. Especially, when it comes to our famers. For them, farming is important to make a living for their families. They don’t have alternative options. So, the answer is: Because.