Let’s get to work!


New Year. New resolutions. And plenty of challenges. In 2022 things won’t stay the same. 2022 is about change – at least that’s what we deeply hope. And that is why the first topic we want to focus on in our theme year is courage. The courage to drive change, to change things for the better. For yourself. For all of us.

We want to inspire you. With reportages about people who had the courage to turn their life upside down. With ideas on how to reduce waste, that aren’t even that hard to integrate into your everyday life. With great initiatives that we want to promote together with you. And of course, with stories about coffees. With this, we are brewing ourselves a delicious cup of coffee and then: Let’s get to work!


Goodbye old habits and beaten paths.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little inspiration – Here, we want to inspire you. And we will. We will take you with us on the journey to meet the many challenges of 2022. With a lot of optimism, ideas, and: Courage.

A coffee with...

“I am just gonna do it. I believe in it.”

Carl-Felix Lentz, founder and driving force of noordsk.studio, a successful start-up for tiny houses, shares his view on the most significant character traits of a founder while having a really good coffee with us. Plus: He tells us how to make an idea grow wings.

Natürlich ist Kaffee Geschmacksache, aber eines sollte er nicht sein: bitter.
Aromas & Co

“Coffee is too bitter for me.”

Of course, coffee is a matter of taste. But one thing is certain: Coffee should not taste bitter. In this article you find out what can cause a bitter taste and why some people are struggling with the taste of coffee.

Green Lifestyle

How good is this…?

It’s obvious that we love coffee. But it can do more for you than you think, it can be more than a delicious taste and happiness in a cup. It will make you beautiful, too. Check out our real organic coffee cosmetic hacks. For yourself or as a lovely gift.


L2 = gDt/4h

You are not aware of the ideal formula for biscuit-dunking? No? Well, you find it further up. If you want to know why and for what reason, you should continue reading.


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