What effects do crises have? More egoism? Solidarity? Razorblades on your elbows? Probably all of the above. But we are certain, that in times like these, togetherness is crucial to address the challenges. And that is why we want to inspire you: With stories of people, who are successful because they are working with appreciation and respect for people and nature.

With ideas and products, that use resources mindfully. With background information on Fairtrade and work at eye level. And by being optimistic that if we stick together, we will “make it work somehow”. Certainly.


Most delicious espresso-power.

The fact that espresso is our favorite alarm clock is probably not a surprise to anyone. But you can also use espresso to make super tasty power snacks. And they are waaaay better than any other cereal bar: The espresso energy balls. A must try.


Used coffee grounds? Don’t pour them down the drain.

There is a tenacious urban myth that says used coffee grounds clean the drain and can therefore easily be poured down. Please don’t! Because that can actually cause a major blockage. How to properly dispose of the leftover coffee grounds from the portafilter machine or French press – or even better: What you can actually use them for – we tell you in this article.


What is the story behind the bulletproof coffee?

Coffee with butter – does that taste any good? Some people swear by the coffee version of the Tibetan butter tea. Whereas we are purists and prefer the pure aromas of our Arabicas – if necessary, with a dash of milk. But since various people in our network are asking for it, we took a closer look (and taste) at the bulletproof coffee. And this is what we found out.


Good coffee, good mood.

The fact that we claim that coffee works wonders is probably not a surprise to anyone. But now we also have scientific proof: Coffee boosts your mood. And can also help with some ailments. And with loosing weight (which I’m especially happy to hear). We tell you all about it in this post.


Flourless lemon cake

Is that even a thing? Healthy cake? It is! This juicy lemon cake is not only made without flour – it is also extremely delicious and worth a little sin, although it is not actually sinful. You need to try it.


Greta Thunberg’s climate book – flop or top?

Who has read Greta Thunberg’s climate book already? It was published in November 2022, 500 pages strong, and it is for one thing acknowledged by the media as a profound work of reference. Then again, there are reviews saying it is politically single-sided and lacks concrete solutions. What is your opinion?

Green Lifestyle

Bye bye fast fashion.

Hello needle and thread. Mending things instead of throwing them away. A motto that is actually quite easy when it comes to clothes and a nice and effective way for reaching a greener lifestyle. And sometimes it even results in real art pieces.


A real veggie-miracle.

This vegan espresso tart is so terribly delicious, that we do no longer want to keep the recipe from you. You must try it.

Green Lifestyle

That’s amazing…

Because courage also needs motivation, you will occasionally (and hopefully more often) find good news about environmental protection and similar topics here.


A courageous idea: Conflictfood.

There are many types of sustainable consumption. This one here – conflictfood – is especially worthwhile. The company fights the causes that force people to flee from their home countries and establishes “peaceful perspectives”. In this article we explain how that works.

Aromas & Co

Simply epic.

How waking up to a cup of our Arabica feels like. And why we are glad that we are not everybody’s darling.

Green Lifestyle

The second life of bread.

Don’t throw it away: There is more you can do with dry bread before feeding it to the ducks. Like using it to make French toast. A delicious way of recycling.