Heads? Or tails? (Or gut?)

Everyone is talking about crises, even multiple crises. Not us.

To be honest: We no longer want to stare at the news which are getting worse and worse like “a dying duck in a thunderstorm”. Let's change something. Let's think about what life, nature, food - what IT is worth to us to really get a grip on these crises. Let's talk about “value”.

What is that? A number? Money? An idea? An attitude? We shed light on this topic from different perspectives. With reports on appreciation, value creation, value perception. About people who have set something in motion with their value system. About changes in the valuation of nature. About the (very individual) value of a Demeter espresso. As inspiration for a (more) positive view of challenges that we have to overcome together. So, grab a cup of your favorite coffee, browse through our "Value" section here on our blog and let us know what you think. We are very much looking forward to your opinion.

Good question

What is a good coffee worth?

Added value, market value, substantial value … “Value”? A term that has had a rather “broad” meaning since the ancient Greeks. Because it is used so often at the moment, we will try to clarify what it means using the example of a cup of coffee.


About shade trees, verbena, and mulch.

By the time we hit the 90 degrees mark this summer, hobby gardeners and balcony flower lovers started asking themselves: Am I still allowed to water? And which plants can really cope best with this heat and dryness? After all, it’s really no fun to drink your morning coffee between limp hydrangeas and withered herbs. To make sure that doesn’t happen, we’ve put together some tips and suggestions on plants, how to “educate” them to be more resilient, and on proper watering. And you will learn what all this has to do with our coffee. Reading time: 2 cups of coffee.


Let’s talk about money.

Strategic consumption, organic coffee, separating waste, using public transportation, eating less meat, taking cold showers – each and every one of us can do something about the climate crisis and make the world a little better. But is that all? Don’t we have a bigger lever with which we can achieve even more? We do: Money. Money makes the world go round, they say. And it’s true. Unfortunately.

So why don’t we use our money, our small or large bank account, to make an impact? Because the financial world is so terribly complicated? The risks are great, the greenwashing, too? And: “What difference can I really make with a few dollars?” All true. And then again, not. We’re starting a little series here that will give you an – at least rough – insight into the world of green, sustainable money while you’re having your morning coffee.


Ready to taste some “knabbeln”?

Knabbeln… what? Knabbeln are an old Westphalian breakfast treat that we’ve rediscovered for you: Dry bread in coffee. Not only extremely delicious, but also – of course – super sustainable. Click here for the recipe.


A bill against greenwashing.

“For a conscious future”, “Green Cruising”, “Dolphin-friendly tuna fishing “*… The list of greenwashing slogans is long and very creative. In order to bring more transparency and verifiability into advertising, the EU commission proposed a new law at the beginning of this year. We have the facts for you.


What is sustainability? And does it work at all?

Hackneyed, misunderstood, vague, and yet one of the most important terms, one of the most important topics of our time: Sustainability. For some, an impossibility. For others, almost a substitute for religion. Let’s try to bring a little more clarity to the topic.


An evergreen since 1967.

It was THE song that made Aretha Franklin so famous. THE song of the civil and women’s rights movement in the USA. And it completely turned Otis Redding’s original lyrics and content upside down: All this woman wants is a little respect. Why this topic is still so important? Grab a coffee and read.

Green Lifestyle

The courage to be chaotic.

The yard as a green retreat? The balcony as a vacation spot? For most of the hobby gardeners the terrasse, balcony, or yard serve as an extension of the living room. Unfortunately, that often means that there is absolutely no room for bees, butterflies, and the like. Because they need a bit of wilderness. In this article, you find out how you can easily make that happen, while still keeping it “cozy”.

Green Lifestyle

Give us a break.

Many of us are probably feeling the same at the moment: Summer is right around the corner and we want to travel again. Go on a nice vacation. Burry our heads in the sand – but at the beach. Understandable. So, let’s talk about (more) ecologic travelling.