What effects do crises have? More egoism? Solidarity? Razorblades on your elbows? Probably all of the above. But we are certain, that in times like these, togetherness is crucial to address the challenges. And that is why we want to inspire you: With stories of people, who are successful because they are working with appreciation and respect for people and nature.

With ideas and products, that use resources mindfully. With background information on Fairtrade and work at eye level. And by being optimistic that if we stick together, we will “make it work somehow”. Certainly.


Most delicious espresso-power.

The fact that espresso is our favorite alarm clock is probably not a surprise to anyone. But you can also use espresso to make super tasty power snacks. And they are waaaay better than any other cereal bar: The espresso energy balls. A must try.


One out of 8 billion.

At first, some people have trouble with the topic “respect”. During a “coffee with” Christof Klemmer – former city dweller, then farmer, today retired farmer and thoroughly a Demeter-guy – I learned why he is way too modest to describe himself as a person who deserves to be highly respected (he definitely does). A fascinating encounter.


Don’t fear a blank page.

Creativity is a funny thing – everyone has it. Everyone needs it (yes, even accountants). And everyone taps into it in a different way. Some need pictures to get ideas. Others need to go for a walk. Some need a couple of minutes of dozing. We need coffee (surprise). But how does inspiration really work? We have gathered some tips for you (and made a delicious Arabica).


Used coffee grounds? Don’t pour them down the drain.

There is a tenacious urban myth that says used coffee grounds clean the drain and can therefore easily be poured down. Please don’t! Because that can actually cause a major blockage. How to properly dispose of the leftover coffee grounds from the portafilter machine or French press – or even better: What you can actually use them for – we tell you in this article.


What is the story behind the bulletproof coffee?

Coffee with butter – does that taste any good? Some people swear by the coffee version of the Tibetan butter tea. Whereas we are purists and prefer the pure aromas of our Arabicas – if necessary, with a dash of milk. But since various people in our network are asking for it, we took a closer look (and taste) at the bulletproof coffee. And this is what we found out.


Good coffee, good mood.

The fact that we claim that coffee works wonders is probably not a surprise to anyone. But now we also have scientific proof: Coffee boosts your mood. And can also help with some ailments. And with loosing weight (which I’m especially happy to hear). We tell you all about it in this post.


Regrowing. Or how to turn one lettuce into two.

Did you know that you can recycle or rather regrow vegetables in a glass of water, meaning: Let them grow again? Spring onions, leeks, green lettuce, carrots – all that can perfectly be regrown on your sill. In this article we explain how genius and simple that is.

Green Lifestyle

Advertisement in green.

Instead of socks, cereals, or bras, the 10 most important messages of the latest IPCC report were put up on the walls of the Parisian metro. Why?

Blumen die etwas zu sagen haben

Flowers, that actually deliver a message.

How is it possible, that flowers are not “green”, are not ecological?
The Slow Flowers Movement is trying to change that and to bring more transparency, sustainability, and regionality into your vases. A beautiful discovery.

A coffee with...

Putting an end to the empty phrase we really should. Or: How an idea grows and prospers.

How many dreams, projects, ideas are not being realized every single day? Are the result of an euphoric, inspiring night with friends and are not put into pratice? Many. That is why for this Coffee with… we are meeting with someone who made it happen: Jutta Nachtwey from Saatkultur*. A project that cleverly combines humanitarian help, biodiversity, and design.