Family life

What’s going on in hotel mom?

There are the nest stools. And there are children who fledge early (to stay with the metaphor). But the fact that more and more mothers are leaving the house instead of children – that’s new (at least to me). A strange story from everyday editorial life at Mount Hagen. Just in time for the start of the semester and training.


An evergreen since 1967.

It was THE song that made Aretha Franklin so famous. THE song of the civil and women’s rights movement in the USA. And it completely turned Otis Redding’s original lyrics and content upside down: All this woman wants is a little respect. Why this topic is still so important? Grab a coffee and read.


First another coffee and then…

Why are so many people struggling with starting a project right away? Why does one need to prepare a coffee first, clean out the fridge (because when taking out the milk you realized that it was quite necessary – and it has been, for four weeks now). Clean the kitchen? Quickly upload a story on Instagram? Check how many reactions it has gotten yet? And then make another fresh coffee before sitting down at the computer and writing this blog post. Because I can rank myself among the moderate procrastinators. But why? And what can I do to change that (besides drinking large amounts of coffee)? Here are some tips.


One out of 8 billion.

At first, some people have trouble with the topic “respect”. During a “coffee with” Christof Klemmer – former city dweller, then farmer, today retired farmer and thoroughly a Demeter-guy – I learned why he is way too modest to describe himself as a person who deserves to be highly respected (he definitely does). A fascinating encounter.


It does still exist – the ideal world.

La Chacra d’ Dago, the Demeter coffee farm in Peru is a small paradise. And one of the foundations of Mount Hagen. Without the team respect – Dagoberto Marin and his three sons – our outrageously delicious single origin would not exist. It is all due to their know-how, their engagement, their work, that we can actually roast this rare Demeter coffee for you (unfortunately not available in all countries, yet). Reason enough to get to know the people behind it.


“Life is too short to spend it with a*******

Is respect depending on a role? On a position? On power? A coffee with… a very respected person: Stephan Szasz, actor, lecturer, trainer, and fathers of two teenagers, talks about his very own perception of respect. And tells us what it has to do with car drivers in Berlin.


A different kind of resource conservation

It is quite logical, that resources should always be treated with care. Interestingly, when we talk about resources we think about gas, oil, rare earths, water, or the Amazonas. But not about our own, individual resources. Something, that we can change.