Beyond the bean.

The world of coffee is big and we could spend hours talking about it. Nevertheless, pondering beans, roasting and the like isn’t enough for us. That’s why here, you’ll find (almost) everything to do with us and our coffee. Things that are tasty. And well-made. From ecological design to inspiring people and their adventures. And, of course, their passion for coffee. Which brings us right back to where we started.

Good question

What is a good coffee worth?

Added value, market value, substantial value … “Value”? A term that has had a rather “broad” meaning since the ancient Greeks. Because it is used so often at the moment, we will try to clarify what it means using the example of a cup of coffee.


The best recipes for boozy coffee – our top 10.

It is cold. It is dark. It’s unpleasant. And it’s about time to do something about it: Here are the top 10 coffee drinks that will warm you up, wake you up, and relax you. So your body does not go into hibernation mode during these dark months. On top, these boozy coffees are of course extremely tasty and worth every sin. So here comes our countdown…


Bioluminescence instead of LED?

Light and lighting are the basis for innovation and safety. However, they also cause several problems: Health problems caused by light smog. The biorhythm of animals is severely disrupted. Energy consumption. Waste. A young French start-up may have found a solution: Light from bioluminescent bacteria. Here, we tell you how that works.


Fig cantucci – the best.

We have tried many cantucci recipes – and this one is definitely our favorite. They are crispy, but also juicy thanks to the figs. Hard, just right for dunking. And because of the spelt flour, they are a little crunchier than when made with wheat flour. The best thing: We’ll even give you the recipe. Here you go.

Baking is easy

An incredible festive bread

There are sooo many occasions for this recipe: The best bread for a holiday – no matter which one. The best bread without flour because you want to avoid gluten. The tastiest bread to use up leftover nuts. Or simply because it’s so delicious. Here comes the recipe.


Really now? Virtual coffee?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you didn’t have to rely on wordy, flowery descriptions of the taste of coffee, wine, spices, etc. on the internet, but could actually let the flavors melt in your mouth? The Internet of Senses is supposed to make this possible in the future.