Beyond the bean.

The world of coffee is big and we could spend hours talking about it. Nevertheless, pondering beans, roasting and the like isn’t enough for us. That’s why here, you’ll find (almost) everything to do with us and our coffee. Things that are tasty. And well-made. From ecological design to inspiring people and their adventures. And, of course, their passion for coffee. Which brings us right back to where we started.

Good question

What is a good coffee worth?

Added value, market value, substantial value … “Value”? A term that has had a rather “broad” meaning since the ancient Greeks. Because it is used so often at the moment, we will try to clarify what it means using the example of a cup of coffee.


Do you really need a leveler?

Why is the leveler, also known as the equalizer or pre-tamper, crucial for a really good espresso? Why do you need a WDT tool to get “aaahs” and “ooohs” (and great espresso) as a hobby barista? We have the answers here.


New Year’s resolutions? Have fun with them!

How long do you think you’ll last? Why are almost 30% of all resolutions worth nothing and barely last longer than 2 weeks*? Is it because of the goals themselves? Is it the motivation? Is it self-discipline? We have the answers here.


Advertising & Green Tech = Clean air.

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. And if you look at the small and large innovations in green technology, you can only confirm this. So here comes a particularly smart example of the green tech sector.


“You need composure. And you have to be ready to grow…”

Respect is a topic that someone like Maike Lewerenz, who works in a care facility, has to deal with every day – in one way or another. On a very rainy evening in October (over a decaf), she tells me how she deals with it and why, despite all the adversities, she wouldn’t want to have any other job.


Coffee freaks on set.

A high-class photo shoot for coffee? One imagines fancy special effects, food stylists, milk foam artists, high-tech wherever you look. But is that us? Are we from Mount Hagen that styled and over the top? Or rather tasty, authentic, a little quirkier than others? Here are some insights into our coffee shoot with Michael Bernhardi.