Mount Hagen & Respekt: ein großes Wort

A big word.

Have we gone totally crazy now? Respect – that sounds old school. Conservative and not very dynamic – especially in difficult times like these. And most of all: What does that have to do with coffee? A lot, we believe. The lack of a respectful interaction with our surrounding – people and environment – got us where we are today: In various crises. Let’s make sure that we get out of there. With respect and good coffee.


Greta Thunberg’s climate book – flop or top?

Who has read Greta Thunberg’s climate book already? It was published in November 2022, 500 pages strong, and it is for one thing acknowledged by the media as a profound work of reference. Then again, there are reviews saying it is politically single-sided and lacks concrete solutions. What is your opinion?

Change of perspective.

Our biggest asset: Confidence.

New year – new luck? Definitely. Optimism and confidence are our best and most important resources – that is at least what we at Mount Hagen believe. Here, you can read why we think that and what can be achieved by it.


Cooking with low heat.

Passive cooking? Ever heard of it? No? It’s a very old method (mid-19th century), that does not only save a lot of energy. But also reduces the CO2 emissions, that would otherwise be produced, by up to 80%. That is at least what a famous pasta producer claims (the one starting with a B). How cooking with low heat works exactly, you can read here.

Mount Hagen & ... Resteküche.

You need… all leftovers from the day.

What can you do with leftover cabbage? Half a can of tomatoes? With the open pack of pasta? Leftover recycling is – in our opinion – also a form of respect. Thus, “dish instead of dump” is our motto and we gathered some ideas for you. Saving can be very tasty.