Beyond the bean.

The world of coffee is big and we could spend hours talking about it. Nevertheless, pondering beans, roasting and the like isn’t enough for us. That’s why here, you’ll find (almost) everything to do with us and our coffee. Things that are tasty. And well-made. From ecological design to inspiring people and their adventures. And, of course, their passion for coffee. Which brings us right back to where we started.

Change of perspective.

Our biggest asset: Confidence.

New year – new luck? Definitely. Optimism and confidence are our best and most important resources – that is at least what we at Mount Hagen believe. Here, you can read why we think that and what can be achieved by it.


Flourless lemon cake

Is that even a thing? Healthy cake? It is! This juicy lemon cake is not only made without flour – it is also extremely delicious and worth a little sin, although it is not actually sinful. You need to try it.


Greta Thunberg’s climate book – flop or top?

Who has read Greta Thunberg’s climate book already? It was published in November 2022, 500 pages strong, and it is for one thing acknowledged by the media as a profound work of reference. Then again, there are reviews saying it is politically single-sided and lacks concrete solutions. What is your opinion?


Portafilter – (not) a male preserve?

Shiny chrome machines, with lots of small and larger levers, small wheels, valves, and pressure gages, that produce aromatic, delicious espresso, and cappuccino with a hiss. And they cause a strange behavior that could remind you of a men’s midlife crisis along with a mistress. But are portafilter machines really only a “male preserve”? Results of a self-experiment.


Coffee stains for better solar cells.

Not a joke: The coffee-stain-phenomenon – also known as the “coffee-stain-effect” – was the subject of a study, that accomplished to make coating processes of e.g. solar cells, transistors, or biosensors more reliable. What…?


The Chemex – worth the hype? Or not?

The glass carafe in form of an hourglass, wood collar, nozzle-spout – one would not assume that an 80-year-old coffee pot is experiencing such a hype again. But what is so special about the Chemex? Does it really cause such a flavor explosion? Or is it also “just” a very hip pour over carafe? We have the answers for you.


Aromatic, strong, and quite simple: French press coffee.

The nice thing about coffee from the coffee plunger – another term for the French press – is, that it so easily prepared. You do not need anything besides water, the right organic coffee, and the pot.
That is not only convenient, but also affordable. And on top of that, French press coffee is an absolute delight – when prepared correctly. That is why we have put together the basic tricks to brew the perfect French press coffee.