Beyond the bean.

The world of coffee is big and we could spend hours talking about it. Nevertheless, pondering beans, roasting and the like isn’t enough for us. That’s why here, you’ll find (almost) everything to do with us and our coffee. Things that are tasty. And well-made. From ecological design to inspiring people and their adventures. And, of course, their passion for coffee. Which brings us right back to where we started.

Good question

What is a good coffee worth?

Added value, market value, substantial value … “Value”? A term that has had a rather “broad” meaning since the ancient Greeks. Because it is used so often at the moment, we will try to clarify what it means using the example of a cup of coffee.


What is actually considered normal milk?

The “milk” debate is once again coming to a head. Whether it’s the climate killer cow’s milk, the rainforest destroyer soy, or the highly processed chemical cocktail oat milk, milk has become a matter of ideology. Let’s try to clarify a few basic facts.


“You don’t have to take just any business…”

When one of Europe’s organic veterans gets a new, young managing director, what does he think about the traditional values that are so prevalent in the industry? A coffee with Friedemann Wecker, Managing Director of Bauck.


Sales argument. The basis for sustainability. Nothing can replace the added value of organic.

Tour of the Biofach trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany in February (the world’s leading trade fair for organic food). We asked the people in charge of large and small organic brands, long-established companies, and innovative start-ups whether the topic that concerns us so much – values – is really as important. What is behind “organic”. And why Germans have such a hard time with it.


Our values. Short. Concise. And above all: Binding

For an organic pioneer like Mount Hagen, it is not surprising that it works in a value-oriented way. But what seems so obvious and logical to us is far from it for consumers, customers, retailers, or competitors. So it’s time for the Mount Hagen added value.

Green Lifestyle

Cafécore? Coffee core??

Are you “still” drinking your coffee? Or are you already wearing it? Cafécore (or coffee core) is the latest trend for beauty fans and interior freaks. Mocha, cappuccino, espresso – all shades of coffee are moving into our lives and replace the shrill Barbie pink from 2023. Phew – thank goodness.