Beyond the bean.

The world of coffee is big and we could spend hours talking about it. Nevertheless, pondering beans, roasting and the like isn’t enough for us. That’s why here, you’ll find (almost) everything to do with us and our coffee. Things that are tasty. And well-made. From ecological design to inspiring people and their adventures. And, of course, their passion for coffee. Which brings us right back to where we started.

Mount Hagen & Respekt: ein großes Wort

A big word.

Have we gone totally crazy now? Respect – that sounds old school. Conservative and not very dynamic – especially in difficult times like these. And most of all: What does that have to do with coffee? A lot, we believe. The lack of a respectful interaction with our surrounding – people and environment – got us where we are today: In various crises. Let’s make sure that we get out of there. With respect and good coffee.

Bild im Beitrag 'Demeter – esoterisch oder sinnvoll?'
Herkunft & Anbau

Esoteric or meaningful?

We talk a lot about biodynamic cultivation, about Demeter. But what is behind this somewhat old school looking logo is more than “just” an organic label. Demeter stands for a philosophy. For an understanding of the connections between humans and nature. In the short video our friend Dagoberto Marin, the founder of La Chaca D’dago, gets their importance very enthusiastically across.

Mount Hagen & Lecker: Orangen-Kaffee-Vinaigrette.

The courage to eat salad.

Salad with coffee? That is not only possible – it is super delicious. So, have the courage to try something new and try this salad with orange-coffee-dressing. You will be surprised.


Oprah? Redford? Greta? Sting? Granny?

We were wondering: Who from all people in the world would we want to meet for a coffee? Talk to? Listen to? To get some new ideas from, be inspired by, be motivated by? How about you? Here are some answers.

Green Lifestyle

The courage to become independent. Part 2: Self-sufficiency

How does dropping out work? Is It actually possible to live self-sufficient – in the city? For part 2 of our series “The courage to become independent” we gathered some ideas on how self-sufficient living can work. And that does not only concern food and water. Even when it comes to energy supply you can become at least partly independent. But we saved the latter for part 3 of our series.