June 7, 2023

About organic cultivation, world nutrition, and solutions that are not simply black or white.

Currently, there are numerous stubborn debates, with many opinions and few arguments. Unfortunately, that also applies to the question if organic cultivation can feed the world. The different positions of the opposition camps are virtually encased in concrete, which definitely does not help with finding a solution. We want to try to get to the bottom of this black or white debate and to give an overview of the most important arguments and possible solutions (in consistence with our big topic: respect). Enjoy reading.
May 30, 2023

Most delicious espresso-power.

The fact that espresso is our favorite alarm clock is probably not a surprise to anyone. But you can also use espresso to make super tasty power snacks. And they are waaaay better than any other cereal bar: The espresso energy balls. A must try.
May 30, 2023

First another coffee and then…

Why are so many people struggling with starting a project right away? Why does one need to prepare a coffee first, clean out the fridge (because when taking out the milk you realized that it was quite necessary – and it has been, for four weeks now). Clean the kitchen? Quickly upload a story on Instagram? Check how many reactions it has gotten yet? And then make another fresh coffee before sitting down at the computer and writing this blog post. Because I can rank myself among the moderate procrastinators. But why? And what can I do to change that (besides drinking large amounts of coffee)? Here are some tips.
May 30, 2023

The cooking bag – an ancient idea, freshly thought.

Sometimes you realize that your grandma’s way of doing things might not have been so wrong. Even smart. Still today. The cooking back is one of them. It decreases the cooking time, replaces warming drawers, and on top helps to support families in South Africa. Curious? We gathered the most important info for you:
May 23, 2023

Good news on marine protection.

Originally, the high seas and all its resources are “common heritage of mankind” according to a UN declaration from 1970 (!). Meaning: No nation should get rich at its expanse. Which - as so often – did not work out. In March though, a “miracle” happened (according to the newspaper “Die Zeit”):190 nations agreed on a treaty text on protecting the high seas. It remains to be seen though if it will actually become effective. Curious?
May 4, 2023

One out of 8 billion.

At first, some people have trouble with the topic “respect”. During a “coffee with” Christof Klemmer – former city dweller, then farmer, today retired farmer and thoroughly a Demeter-guy – I learned why he is way too modest to describe himself as a person who deserves to be highly respected (he definitely does). A fascinating encounter.
April 22, 2023

Don’t fear a blank page.

Creativity is a funny thing - everyone has it. Everyone needs it (yes, even accountants). And everyone taps into it in a different way. Some need pictures to get ideas. Others need to go for a walk. Some need a couple of minutes of dozing. We need coffee (surprise). But how does inspiration really work? We have gathered some tips for you (and made a delicious Arabica).
April 22, 2023

Used coffee grounds? Don’t pour them down the drain.

There is a tenacious urban myth that says used coffee grounds clean the drain and can therefore easily be poured down. Please don’t! Because that can actually cause a major blockage. How to properly dispose of the leftover coffee grounds from the portafilter machine or French press – or even better: What you can actually use them for – we tell you in this article.
April 11, 2023

What is the story behind the bulletproof coffee?

Coffee with butter – does that taste any good? Some people swear by the coffee version of the Tibetan butter tea. Whereas we are purists and prefer the pure aromas of our Arabicas – if necessary, with a dash of milk. But since various people in our network are asking for it, we took a closer look (and taste) at the bulletproof coffee. And this is what we found out.