Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, country: The third largest island country in the world. It is located in the Pacific Ocean and is considered as part of the Australian continent. It comprises the eastern half of the island of New Guinea (the western half was annexed by Indonesia in 1963) as well as multiple islands located on the outskirts of the main island. It was previously a German colony, however, it was transferred to Australia by the League of Nations after World War I. It has been independent since 1975. Its emblem and heraldic animal is the bird of paradise. To date, it remains very politically unstable. The rate of crime, just like the rate of unemployment, is high. With our guaranteed purchase of their harvest at fair trade conditions, we are trying to improve the living conditions of the small farmers and support them in infrastructure projects as well. PNG (the official national abbreviation) is still considered an insider’s tip for full-bodied, fine and fruity coffees. The reason: The climate is very constant (73-88°F) and the geography is optimal for coffee cultivation (mountains including those with volcanic origin). This is true particularly for the Eastern Highlands with the Purosa Valley, where our Mount Hagen organic Arabicas come from. (see also: Mount Hagen)