Espresso machine

Espresso machine, noun: Also called portafilter. A sieve attached to a handle that holds the coffee grounds; used in espresso machines. High-pressured water is forced through the portafilter to make espresso. Types of espresso machines include:

  • Manual or piston espresso machines: The pressure is generated using a piston and a long lever attached to it.
  • Semi-automatic machines: The pressure is generated through an electrical pump. They only come equipped with a single switch that simply allows operators to turn it on or off.
  • Fully automatic machines: Espresso machines used in gastronomy that electronically measure the amount of water and turn off by themselves after a specific amount of water has been dispensed.
  • Super automatic: These completely automate the process of preparing espresso and have one or more built-in grinders for different coffee variants. The entire process (grinding, pressing, extracting and dispensing the brew) is completely automated and triggered at the press of a button. In addition, automatic espresso machines have the turbosteam system through which hot steam is shot into milk at the press of a button and thus froths it in a separate pot.



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