Floater, noun: Refers to inferior beans without seeds or with underdeveloped seeds. After removing the pulp from the coffee berry the beans are placed in a water tank. The good ones – with a proper seed – will sink. The bad ones will float at the top.

Harvest process

Harvest process, noun: A fundamental distinction is made between two methods. One is picking by hand in which only the ripe, red berries are harvested. This is also called picking and is standard practice for organic coffee. The other method (stripping) is used in industrial coffee, whereby all berries – i.e., even the unripe and overripe ones – are stripped off the trees on large plantations.


HG, abbreviation: Stands for “High Grown”. Quality indicator. Indicates coffee that is grown at an altitude of 4000 feet above sea level or higher.

Joachim Bauck

Bauck, Joachim: Demeter pioneer and figurehead of the Bauckhof company. A tireless advocate for the biodynamic movement, he was involved in various committees – among others, on the board of the Demeter Association, Demeter International, The Federal Association of Organic Food (Bundesverband ökologischer Lebensmittel, BÖLW) as well as the Agricultural Society of Northwest Germany. He was the honorary president of Demeter Polska and initiated the development of Demeter in Poland. In 2002 he received the organic farming prize, “Förderpreis Ökologischer Landbau,” and was later appointed to its selection panel. In 2009, he won the Polish service medal for outstanding service to spread organic farming. As a renowned expert and unconventional thinker, he was able to convey his enthusiasm for all things organic in an interesting and unconventional way. He was a major supporter of Mount Hagen organic coffee. Unfortunately he passed away in 2009. (see: www.bauckhof.de)


Niederschlag, Subst., m, Kriterium für Kaffeeanbau und Qualität der Bohnen. Am besten gedeihen Kaffeepflanzen bei einer Niederschlagsmenge von rund 1500–2000 Liter im Jahr pro Quadratmeter. Papua Neuguinea bietet hier hervorragende Bedingungen, da es dort keine richtigen Dürren gibt, wie z. B. in Afrika.

Parchment coffee

Parchment coffee, noun (also café pergamino): Indicates the green coffee after it’s been pulped and/or the beans after fermentation when it is only covered by a yellow parchment skin and an underlying silver skin. They protect the beans during the subsequent drying.


Peaberry, noun (also caracoli): A special, round form of the coffee bean. It occurs when only one bean grows in a coffee berry instead of two. They are considered particularly mild. However, they are actually a sign of possible deficiencies in the coffee plant.