Raimund Remer

Remer, Raimund: Austrian master farmer and renowned expert in biodynamic agriculture. In 1988, he agreed to go to Papua New Guinea in order to convert the Rui Plantation in Mount Hagen to Demeter standards. He was accompanied by his wife, Dr. Ulrike Remer, also an expert in biodynamic farming. He spent the previous 25 years working at the famous Wurzerhof, which promoted the overall development of the Austrian Demeter movement. He was the co-founder of the Austrian Demeter Association. After several years of intensive work on location, the first biodynamic certified coffee was able to be shipped to us in Hamburg in 1992. The project reports back then, which were written with particular care especially with regard to flora and fauna, are still an extremely fascinating read and can still be viewed by interested parties. Raimund Remer is currently working on the development of humus and nitrogen to improve the plant sociology of plant and humus collectors in our forests. He primarily works at the Bauckhof in Amelinghausen. (see also: Journey Through Time)