Do you really need a leveler?

Why is the leveler, also known as the equalizer or pre-tamper, crucial for a really good espresso? Why do you need a WDT tool to get “aaahs” and “ooohs” (and great espresso) as a hobby barista? We have the answers here.


Functional Coffee. Or: …

… Can you make good coffee even better? Functional coffees, which have been quite popular in the USA for a few years now, try to add all sorts of ingredients to the drink to give it a “nutritional added value” – aka a health effect. A self-experiment.

Coffee Stories

The woman who invented the coffee filter.

It is quite possible that without Amalie Auguste Melitta Liebscher, coffee would not be the Germans’ favorite drink today. The lady in question invented the coffee filter 150 years ago and had it patented at the patent office as one of the first women ever. And in doing so – among other things – she laid the foundation for a family empire. Here, you can read more about this fascinating woman who revolutionized coffee.


Really now? Virtual coffee?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you didn’t have to rely on wordy, flowery descriptions of the taste of coffee, wine, spices, etc. on the internet, but could actually let the flavors melt in your mouth? The Internet of Senses is supposed to make this possible in the future.


The best reasons for a coffee break.

“Do you have five minutes for coffee?” “Shall we discuss this over coffee?” “Let’s meet for coffee.” Coffee breaks are good for the team climate, for an informal exchange of information, for cohesion, for the social fabric. But there are many more reasons to take a break and have a coffee – apart from the indulgence. We’ve summarized the most important ones for you here (in case you ever have to convince someone of the benefits).